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A poem about the Freedom Programme from a service user

A poem about the Freedom Programme from a service user

My thoughts on the Freedom Programme and Port Talbot and Afan Women’s Aid.

The day my life changed completely,

The day I walked away

The time I felt so lost,

But reached out to Port Talbot and Afan Women’ss Aid.

My story was told,

My past looked upon.

A perfect candidate to join the freedom programme.

What is it like?

Will I be judged?

What if I know somebody?

Will I learn much?

Is this for me?

I’ll take their advice.

Lets see what it’s about,

and just hope everybody is nice.

The feeling of being so nervous

And also feeling afraid.

But it’s a pleasure to say this changed,

Thanks to the team at Women’s Aid.

Week by week everyone’s confidence grew

We shared our stories

Old and new.

The weeks were passing

And we felt much more worthy

By the final week.

We are feeling like a woman should be.

Not only more settled,

But knowing what’s right and wrong

That feeling of wanting to help other women is now so strong.

The programme is so empowering,

We may shed a tear or two.

Don’t be afraid of your emotions

We will all make it through.

Without the freedom programme,

We may not have turned this corner,

So we need to be sure we protect ourselves,

Our sons and our daughters.

The more women we inspire means more will attend

And the cycle of abuse will come to an end.

So please girls, stick with it just up until the last,

And that will ensure your future will be nothing like your past.