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Material Girls Volunteer Success Story

Material Girls Volunteer Success Story

Material Girls Volunteer Success Story

Heather May Designs

Heather has been such a passionate and dedicated Material Girls volunteer throughout 2014 – 16. Heather happily shared her skills in textiles, design and graphics with other volunteers to empower them with new skills and confidence.

Although in full time employment, Heather enjoyed spending her free time attending volunteering sessions and events with Material Girls to raise funds for Port Talbot and Afan Women’s Aid.

Heather was previously in a toxic relationship which prevented her from undertaking a tattoo internship and following her dreams of becoming a tattoo artist. Her controlling partner wouldn’t stop ringing her phone during her trial at the tattoo studio which resulted in her not being offered the position.

After volunteering with Material Girls, and developing close friendships with other Material Girls volunteers, Heather began to believe in herself and felt much more confident and self-assured which contributed to her leaving an unhealthy relationship and focusing on herself and her art.

We’re delighted that Heather is now in a healthy and happy relationship with someone who is supportive and encouraging her to follow her dreams.

Heather now runs her own business ‘Heather May Designs’, alongside her full time job, where she creates bespoke pieces on request including posters, prints, caricatures, stickers, greeting cards and tattoo designs.

Quote from Heather – “You dream it I draw it! The canvas is blank until you start drawing, rubbing out the sketches is where the final picture begins.”

Please like ‘Heather May Designs’ on facebook for updates on her work and to place orders.

If you’d like to become a Material Girls Volunteer please contact Chantelle on 01639 894864 or email hollya@ptwa.org.uk