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Breaking the cycle of Domestic Abuse – Live Fear Free Helpline: 0808 80 10 800

“I found a way out, thanks to Port Talbot and Afan Women’s Aid”

“I found a way out, thanks to Port Talbot and Afan Women’s Aid”

“I found a way out, thanks to Port Talbot and Afan Women’s Aid”


“I first started volunteering for Material Girls in October 2016. I had left my husband of many years and moved to Port Talbot to be with my family, in hope of a happier life. However, after living alone for a while I became depressed, isolated and suffered with suicidal thoughts. At this point I was being supported by Port Talbot and Afan Women’s Aid Community and Outreach team who decided to refer me to Material Girls.

After coming along to weekly volunteer sessions I began to regain my confidence and finally believe in myself again. Since then, I have gained new skills along with a new group of close friends. Although I still have my ‘bad days’ I always push myself to attend Material Girls, knowing that having a chat and a cuppa with friends will make me feel a lot better.

I now attend Material Girls as often as possible and I’m always happy to help staff with fundraising events. I give my all to Material Girls and feel valued as a member of the team. I was recently awarded a millennium certificate from PTAWA for completing over two hundred volunteer hours. Along with that, I have now taken on the role as Volunteer Coordinator, coordinating sessions and introducing new volunteers to the project.

I don’t know where I’d be now if It wasn’t for PTAWA’s services, I feel I finally have a sense of belonging.”

Material Girls is Port Talbot and Afan Women’s Aid’s Social Enterprise that trades handmade craft items and donated fashion to enable women to flourish and empower them with new skills and confidence to break the cycle of Domestic Abuse.

Contact our Social Enterprise Coordinator, Chantelle Davies, to find out more on 01639 894864 

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