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Children in Need Funding Success

Children in Need Funding Success

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve received funding from Children in Need to run an activity programme for children aged 3-16, impacted by Domestic Abuse.

We recognised a need to enhance and enrichen the experience of children who have been impacted by domestic abuse by giving them access to a range of challenging activities that take them away from their trauma, and help them to recover and build future resilience and coping mechanisms.

The Children in Need funding with help us provide activities such as; pony trekking, surfing, rock climbing, trampolining, trips to Bristol Aquarium, Folly Farm, a Gower Boat Trip, and day trips with ‘Down To Earth’ the Swansea based Eco- Centre that works specifically with disadvantaged groups to learn environmental skills.

These activities will give children a break away from their normal everyday lives and difficulties. The trips are designed to enable them to relax and have fun in a new environment where they can be themselves and learn new things about their own interests and abilities. By gently challenging the children mentally and physically, the programme of activities will help to build self-confidence amongst children who will largely have had limited opportunity to test themselves or learn new skills outside a school environment.

The trips and activities will also help children to build their sense of independence and achievement, proving to themselves that they have inner strength and positivity that may have lain dormant or been damaged by their experiences. Having fun will be a key part of the experience.


These activities will run throughout the next two years.

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