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A Letter to the next STAR group

A Letter to the next STAR group


A Letter to the next STAR group


Our Children and Young People team have just completed a STAR aged 7 – 11 parent and child programme with four families. Over the past 10 weeks they have covered topics such as: Domestic Abuse, Our Experiences, Worries and Fears, Emotions, Staying Safe and Feeling Good.

The programme is designed to help rebuild the bond between child and non-abusive parent following the trauma of living in a home with Domestic Abuse. On the last session the children are asked to write a letter to the next group and this is what they wrote:

I felt nervous and scared the first day and when I met everyone then I was okay.

I felt at the end good because of the party.

Practicing telephoning the police was my favourite thing I learnt.

I learnt that at home wasn’t my fault when mum and dad was fighting and to stay safe.

You may get sad, but it’s ok to be sad.

I’ve made friends and been nice to them.

From STAR Group 1

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